Heathilicious Partner Web Sites
Here is a list of our current Healthilicious partner web sites:

The Mrs. Crimble’s brand has been around longer than you might have realised having initially been launched in 1979 and sold direct to stores in the London area. More recently the company has become known for its range of cakes, biscuits, snacks and treats which are now deliciously Gluten Free, now all available in the online shop!
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DS-gluten free is the UK's favourite gluten free and wheat free food created for people with coeliac disease, wheat allergy or wheat intolerance. We offer a wide range of delicious gluten free and wheat free foods in most major supermarkets. You can now buy many of our gluten free foods from our online shop!
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Fragata Spanish Olives can be used in hundreds of different ways to create authentic Mediterranean dishes and mouthwatering tapas. What better way to create a unique culinary cornet of Spain in your own home – go on, Savour the Flavour of Spain!
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PGR Health Foods was established to import quality gluten free products in 2003. Made with certified organic ingredients, Rizopia Organic Brown Rice Pasta is healthy, natural and easy to digest. It's high nutritional and non-allergenic content makes it ideal for everyone.
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As far as Italians are concerned a good tomato sauce simply does not come ready made, straight out of a jar. Instead, on one of those rare occasions when praise is nevertheless due, the exclamation mouthed is always the same - 'come fatto in casa!' ('just like home made!').
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GG Scandinavian Crispbread is for consumers concerned about getting the highest fibre food with the lowest calories, GG Crispbread is the brand leader. Made with 85% unprocessed wheat bran, it's the highest in dietary fibre at 42%.
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Sunrise Gluten Free Japanese Rice Crackers are enjoyed around the world. With the increasing number of people who are reducing or cutting out wheat from their diet, to have a product that is not only Gluten Free but FAT FREE as well is a tremendous bonus.
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